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Rug Services

Not only do rugs make a room look good, they make a room feel good.  Just like any other floor in your home, rugs should be cleaned regularly.  Rugs like all other fibers throughout your home are magnets for dirt, pet dander, odors and germs. With us, you will discover a traditional approach to rug care.  Between my son Ahmet and I, we do all the cleaning and repair by hand in our Kalispell location using only the finest natural cleaning products.  We address the needs of each rug individually, customizing our care to fit your needs. 

Cleaning and Odor Control

Rug Cleaning 

Rugs play a prominent role in your home.  Having your rug professionally cleaned every few years is an important factor in keeping the beauty and integrity of it. Wear and tear over the years or just months can significantly impact your rugs. Caring for these rugs requires a special cleaning process to help rugs retain that beauty and integrity.

For the past 30 years my son and I have been mastering the art of the cleaning and restoring rugs.  Throughout the years we have mastered cleaning rugs safely, efficiently, and effectively to restore the luster and brilliant colors of your rugs.  Whether you have a fine fragile antique or a sturdier modern rug, we treat each rug as a treasure and preserve its integrity while completely removing dirt, grime, stains, and odors. Combining this careful attention to detail, and our love for rugs, we have grown quite a following in Montana. 

Pre-Inspection of Rug

First step in cleaning or repairing your rug is a pre-inspection of the dirt, grime, stains, and odors.  

If you live in the area, just stop on by with your rug, or give us a call and we will happily come to your house to take a look.  If you don't live in the area, no worries, just give us a call and we can go over the shipping or pick up process. 

Dirt and Grime Removal

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Dirt and Grime Removal

The preliminary step of the cleaning process is known as dusting. Combining soft, powerful compressed air with specially designed tools helps to gently lift and remove dust and dry particles trapped deep inside the rug's fibers and foundation.

Washing and Drying

Learning from the expert rug cleaners themselves in Turkey, handmade rugs are washed by hand by submerging them for several hours in flowing water. They are then laid flat to air dry in the sun or a warm room. Both practices we use here.  The submersion wash step with flowing water simulates the age-old process, enabling all foreign matter to be purged from a rug.  We are able to mimic these practices by using a continuous flow of water, combined with mild, ph-neutral natural cleansing agents.  We massage the fibers to further remove the rugs contaminates and to prevent them from settling into the rug again. At this point we assess the rug for any stains, and address them.  Rugs with particularly stubborn contaminants, such as pet urine, are repeatedly washed for an extended period to guarantee the complete removal of stains and odors. After this process the rugs are thoroughly rinsed several times before air drying.  After the rugs are dry the final process involves cleaning and assessing all fringes. During this last step, all rugs are brushed and inspected for any remaining stains.   

Spot Treatment 

If your rug has been cleaned recently and just needs spot treatment from a recent spill or accident, give me a call and we can go over all the options to try to mitigate it yourself, or having my son or I do it.  There are certain instances where we can come to your house and do it, others, the rug may need to be brought to the shop.  We do offer free pick up and delivery locally to the Flathead valley.  If you live out of the area, shipping arrangements can be made by giving us a call. 

Pet Odor Removal

If you have a pet, you know accidents can and will happen.  If not cleaned properly, rug fibers will absorb the liquids. It is important to remove the urine as soon as possible. Untreated, pet urine stains your rugs; and it leads to a strong, pungent smell.  If your having a hard time with the removal of the stain and odor yourself, its really best to have it professionally cleaned to ensure removal of all uric acid left behind.  If not cleaned properly, it opens up the door for bacterial growth which is harder to clean the long run.

Specialty and Luxury Rug Cleaning

No matter the fiber, We have the experience and know-how to care for your rugs safely.


  • Wool

  • Silk

  • All Faux Silk Fibers

  • Cotton

  • Mercerized Cotton

  • Linen

  • Sisal & Other Grass Fibers

  • Metallic Threads

Rug and Fringe Repair

Fine rugs are an investment and should be conserved and protected.  I have been learning the art of rugs for over 35 years.  I have since been teaching my son since he was a young boy the same art.  Together we have acquired the knowledge, care, and attention to detail that needs to go into the process of protecting these beauties.         

Repair and Restoration

My son Ahmet has been learning the art of rug making since he was a young boy.  Throughout his life and mine, we have had the privilege of working and learning under the some of the best master weavers in the world.  Under their guidance and mine, he has become my right hand man for some of our most difficult repair jobs.  Between the two of us, we have the know how to match even the most difficult fibers, and the ability to repair just about any damage that could have occurred to your rug.  

Dirt and Grime Removal

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Fringe Repair and Replacement

When the fringes on your rug wear away, the fibers at the ends of your rugs are more susceptible for future damage. To keep this from happening, we recommend securing the ends of your rug and either replace or retie the missing or damaged fringes. This repair will help extend the life of your rug and keep it looking its best for years to come. 

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Rug Specialities

We offer a variety of services to help you will all your rug needs.  

Rug Appraisals

There are a lot of factors I observe when appraising a rug — age, size, and condition are just a few which help support my evaluation of the rug.

With my 35+ years of knowledge, I am happy to confirm the approximate age, origin and value of your  rug. I love educating our customers about their acclaimed pieces. 

Dirt and Grime Removal

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Rug Consignment

If you are in need of storage for your rug, please give us a call and we will be happy to accommodate your needs at our south Kalispell location. 

Pickup and Delivery

We happily offer free pick-up and delivery to all of flathead county, Montana. 

Rug Storage

If you are in need of storage for your rug, please give us a call and we will be happy to accomidate your needs at our south Kalispell location. 

Unique and Unusual Finds

Are you looking for a specific rug, or style of rug?! Give us a call and I can assist you in finding what you are looking for. 

Custom Rugs

We are happy to inform our customers that we are able to work with your needs and source out custom made rugs. If you are looking for specific colors and patterns, or wish to have your dog made into a rug, no job is too small.  We are able to have custom rugs made in a timely fashion that suits any need you may have.  

Design Conslutation

If you are having a hard time choosing the best rug for your home, no worries! I am always happy to help.  I have over 35 years experience in designing rooms with rugs.  If you can't choose your perfect rug in the store or online, I am happy to load up our van and bring a selection to your house to choose from.  Give me a call for any specific questions, or to discuss all the options available. 

Call today for all your rug needs!


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"Beautiful rugs! Such a compassionate owner! Loves helping out students which I was very thankful for!"

- Katie 

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